“this is so dope. the homie is making a ‘milorgia’ project, of georgia anne muldrow and i in conversation thru our music. my favorite living artist is G.A.M. so im jus delighted someone would include me in her sphere.”

– Milo (R.A.P. Ferreira) *13 tracks plus 3 bonus tracks if you download the entire project, which is free at the bandcamp*

As the fates would have it, these sources channeled into a cohesive puzzle and in-turn a temporary world where the two artists breathe, dance, cocreate and fuse together into one entire fluid body. From their seeds, birthing “Milorgia: And So The Flies Don’t Come To Georgia”. Artwork by: Amerigo Gazaway

“The Goodwill Projects perfects collage as conversation (between Georgia Anne Muldrow and Milo bka R.A.P. Ferreira) with the release of Milorgia.”

– Karas Lamb (Okayplayer)

“ngl that song is dope! Very inventive use of the acapella.” (A Love Called Soul Power)

– Kenny Segal (did the production for the original Milo album)

released May 19, 2022


7 years after The Goodwill Projects MoQuannum: Soul To Sole, comes 
their latest offering “Re-Endtroducing – The Second Album” 

Re-Endtroducing is a 61 minute journey into a Quannum space and time of 2 original works. Exploring a commingled world where after 25 years, DJ Shadows 1st full length album is infused and enveloped with Latyrx’s, 2nd album in order to create..

Re-Endtroducing: The Second Album

The Goodwill Projects has previously contributed to multiple Amerigo Gazaway projects, including
– Yasiin Gaye, A Common Wonder, The Miseducation of Eunice Waymon and others.


Check out The Goodwill Projects previous release

“Moquannum: Soul To Sole” which can be downloaded @  – The Goodwill Projects Bandcamp

MoQuannum: Soul To Sole is a kindred fusion of past and present. To say the least, Motown
records echo some of the greatest arrangements in musical history. Quannum – originally
known as Solesides – is a like minded collection of artists that came together to pool their
ideas and energy into something prolific and independent in contemporary music. This is
not a study in music theory. It’s a merging of art and artists. The Goodwill Projects began chipping
away at Moquannum in 2008, it’s been a long time coming. The intention was to deliver the
tracks in a classy and minimal manner, as not to over cook them one bit. Rare or even raw.

Created and Mixed by: The Goodwill Projects
Artwork by: Amerigo Gazaway 
Mastered by: K-Murdock 
With: Subsoniq Radio 

Track 10 & 17 – Interviews borrowed from The Beeshine

Track 3 – Includes Cuts/Scratches borrowed from Babu

Track 2 – Includes borrowed interview of Brother Ali

Solesides/Quannum Vocals/Cuts/Scratches borrowed include, Joyo Velarde, Gift Of Gab,
Lyrics Born, Lateef The Truth Speaker, APSCI, Lifesavers, Pigeon John, DJ Shadow