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The Goodwill Projects was created by Guillermo Chiapa, most recently Chiapa has contributed
to Amerigo Gazaway’s “Yasiin Gaye” project and also released a project of his own titled
“Moquannum: Soul To Sole” which can be downloaded @  – The Goodwill Projects Bandcamp

MoQuannum: Soul To Sole is a kindred fusion of past and present. To say the least, Motown
records echo some of the greatest arrangements in musical history. Quannum – originally
known as Solesides – is a like minded collection of artists that came together to pool their
ideas and energy into something prolific and independent in contemporary music. This is
not a study in music theory. It’s a merging of art and artists. Guillermo Chiapa began chipping
away at Moquannum in 2008, it’s been a long time coming. The intention was to deliver the
tracks in a classy and minimal manner, as not to over cook them one bit. Rare or even raw.
Intended to be as genuine as the artists them selves. Most recently Chiapa contributed to
the “Yasiin Gaye” Project which was created by Amerigo Gazaway.


Created and Mixed by: Guillermo Chiapa
Artwork by: Amerigo Gazaway ( )
Mastered by: K-Murdock ( )
With: Subsoniq Radio ( K-Murdock and KB – )

Track 10 & 17 – Interviews borrowed from

Track 3 – Includes Cuts/Scratches borrowed from Babu

Track 2 – Includes borrowed interview of Brother Ali

Solesides/Quannum Vocals/Cuts/Scratches borrowed include, Joyo Velarde, Gift Of Gab,
Lyrics Born, Lateef The Truth Speaker, APSCI, Lifesavers, Pigeon John, DJ Shadow


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