AA Re-launch

1st & foremost we must give a gigantic thank you to Shalom Salon for reaching out & helping to bring Acapellarchives back!
We are in the process of rebuilding the loads of content.

To those of you who utilized this medium in the past, welcome back. Anyone else, hello. The format is as follows, for each post you will see a youtube video of the original track as an example, below that there will be a link in blue font that says “click here” you will click there to download the acapella or acapellas(sometimes there will be a zipped file when multiple files are included, use 7zip – google it – 7Zip is a free program for zipping/compression, in your case you will be unzipping some folders with 7zip. Simple.

Sometimes the youtube video will not be of the original track because there is not one on youtube. That’s that.

You will continue to find mostly indie hip hop acapellas here. At some point we will become more of a library instead of a steady influx of new material for you to work with,  but we’ll keep our ears pealed and make additions where appropriate. Please do reach out if there are i’s that are not dotted or t’s are not crossed, we appreciate your feedback!

This is about providing tools for artists to create art.

– Acapella Archives

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