2.8+ (updated)

Just a reminder for those that may have missed it.. and those that are just arriving.. We used to have a cabin at blogspot. Evicted – we maintain…. we’ll just put the “Book Of Human Language” – By: Mumbles + Aceyalone) – right. over. here…


When a link goes dead, it is either because it has been requested to be taken down by the artist or the artist’s label or the host has taken it down or blogger it’s self has taken action and taken it down. We do not reup these links out of respect for the whole picture. I leave up the old posts because it is a bread crumb that these files do or have existed and you can find them on the ‘internets’ and also because on more than one occasion the comment section has helped multiple users where they get in contact with each other and figure it out that way.

Also, please keep in mind the industry has greatly changed since we started this site. There are less and less¬†acapellas being released in the amount they used to be(the ones we are interested in here)…. The amount of updates reflects that. I still intend on ripping all my vinyl’s acapellas and sharing here.. so there’s that too.. In light of all this, the site has become more of a library and less of a constantly updated machine. We curate the acapellas here so it’s not like you can find all the top 40, there are plenty of other sites that cater to that if that’s what you are looking for.

Please visit the fb page to support and share socially. Lately it’s become more of a news feed for interesting things artists are up to, new artists, free instrumental albums, free albums, free mixtapes… etc…

Compliments, Critiques and Comments are always welcome.. no need to bite your tongue really.. we are grown up here and can take a lashing if you feel the need. We do our best and our number of contributors has dwindled as time has passed. Please feel free to send a message if you are interested in contributing. The only way to do this is to LIKE the FB page and contact us through the message system on there.

That is all. Thanks for your interest and support.


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