AA Re-launch

1st¬†&¬†foremost we must give a gigantic thank you to Shalom Salon for reaching out & helping to bring Acapellarchives back! We are in the process of rebuilding the loads of content and intend on rolling out what hasn’t been as time moves foward, stay tuned, there are lot’s of goodies!!! To those of you who utilize this medium, welcome back.… Read more →

Was the end…

Welp it looks as though RS has finally confirmed the demise, the downfall, the erase, the pull, the buh-bye… so none of the AA links work.. I’ll try to find some time to decide what to do and do it, be it getting a server myself and hosting it (not likely as the costs..) or joining with another ‘website :/’… Read more →

2.8+ (updated)

Just a reminder for those that may have missed it.. and those that are just arriving.. We used to have a cabin at blogspot. Evicted – we maintain…. we’ll just put the “Book Of Human Language” – By: Mumbles + Aceyalone) – right. over. here… When a link goes dead, it is either because it has been requested to be… Read more →